The Secret Truth

I have loved you sincerelyTreasured you alwaysGiven you all I can My thoughts of you are good alwaysKnowing all I know now hurts me dailyIt hurts to see you jealousIt hurts to be betrayedWishing you loved me sincerelyKnowing who you really are hurtsI long for you who would love me sincerely.

Aleph Tav

I yearn for youwhat a world it would beto see the unseenIf only you knew I am boththe seen and unseenIf only you knew I know allThe secrets are public to meI know how it feels not to understandBut still all is well if only you knew thatWhy seek death instead of life?I yearn for …

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The Lonely Child

In times when there were no friends you were mineWhen I was alone you were thereWatching me do thingsHearing me say thingsSeeing me lonely and sadYou were with me at all timeSeeing me cry brought you painBut still I felt lonelyIf only I knew youIf only I knew how much you love meIf only I …

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The Dinka

Realising what civilization isMakes me weep at nightMakes me weep at dayI want to go back to my uncivilized worldBut I am trap in this civilized worldI envy the Dinka Being just as they areNo clothes competitionNo property competitionNo competitionJust be who you are and live life.I envy the DinkaI am jealous of the DinkaI …

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